Amazonas KL TRX, South American Restaurant

Mexican Prawn Esquites - Amazonas KL, TRX

Amazonas KL TRX, South American Restuarant

Words: Stephen Reid
Photos: Peter Tan

The Exchange TRX, a popular destination for food and shopping in Kuala Lumpur, has recently welcomed Amazonas KL, a new restaurant from the expanding Kenny Hills Hospitality Group. Amazonas is located conveniently near ‘Kenny Hills Bakers on the Park’ in The Exchange TRX and adjacent to the newly opened Apple Store and Shake Shack. I must admit that while visiting the mall a few weeks ago, I was enticed by the delicious smoky aromas emanating from the establishment. I was almost tempted to change my restaurant booking if friends were not seated elsewhere. Monica, a fan of South American food and drinks, was eager to try this restaurant, which promises a vibrant experience inspired by the rich culture of Latin America. I was also delighted to finally get the chance to try the food that had almost tempted me inside a few weeks earlier.

Amazonas KL Latin American Restaurant TRX
Amazonas KL – Latin American Restaurant, TRX

Amazonas KL at TRX

The restaurant’s entrance features a striking wooden facade and large panels of rust-coloured core ten steel, showcasing the restaurant’s name and Aztec art in a backlit display. Our host for the day, Fuad, warmly welcomed us and led us past the grand “Parrilla” grill, the centrepiece of Amazonas KL. This custom-made grill, manufactured by the local company Kitchen Inc., is fired solely with wood and charcoal, adhering to the South American tradition of cooking over an open flame for authentic flavour.

The establishment spans two levels, with a spacious bar upstairs featuring a warm wooden parquet floor and inviting upholstered bar stools in sage green and red. Across from the bar, sofas and drum stools provide flexible seating around tables. The bar boasts an impressive collection of exotic spirits from across South America, and an outdoor seating area offers respite from the heat with large overhead fans.

Inspired by the vastness and richness of the Amazon rainforest, the restaurant’s ambience is warm and inviting,  adorned with sculptures and paintings that immerse guests in the vibrant cultures of Latin America. Helmed by chef Shaun Lazaroo, the menu features a fusion of Peruvian, Brazilian, Spanish, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisine. The Amazonas Bar boasts an extensive mezcal, pisco, and tequila collection, with expert mixologists crafting signature cocktails. (Scroll to the end for Amazonas KL menu and prices.) On weekend evenings, the restaurant and bar come alive with a live DJ spinning a mix of Latin music and Afro-beat, creating a vibrant atmosphere from 8 pm onwards.

Amazonas KL Latin American Restaurant TRX
Amazonas KL, TRX – Dining Area & Aged Meat Fridge
Amazonas KL Latin American Restaurant TRX
Upstairs Bar
Amazonas KL Latin American Restaurant TRX
Semi-alfresco Seating

Amazonas KL, TRX, Drinks Menu, Prices & Happy Hours

We were greeted with a complimentary serving of tepache in a charming handmade pottery cup. While I hadn’t tried this beverage before, Monica was thrilled to discover it on the menu. Tepache, a popular Mexican fermented pineapple drink, is made from pineapple peels and rind, sweetened with unrefined cane sugar or brown sugar, and fermented for several days. The result is a mildly alcoholic, sweet, and refreshing drink with a slight effervescence and a unique “funky” flavour profile—a delightful cross between kombucha, soda, and beer. As well as being delicious, being made of all the pineapple bits that are usually thrown away after the juicy flesh has been used, it’s also good for the environment. 

Tepache in Cute Cups Latin American Restaurant & Cocktail Bar TRX

Prin started us off with a Mezcal Cocktail, the Flor de Piña (RM 52), which contains chilli, cilantro, pineapple, lime, and mezcal. The Flor de Piña expertly balances the smoky depths of mezcal with the sweetness of pineapple and the tang of lime. A subtle kick of chilli adds warmth, while cilantro lends a fresh aroma, resulting in an invigorating and refreshing drink.

Flor de Piña Tiki Cocktail Latin American Restaurant & Cocktail Bar TRX
Flor de Piña

No South American bar would be complete without tequila cocktails, and Amazonas KL has an extensive range. We sampled the classic Amazonas Margarita (RM 40). The drink is made with fresh lime juice and sweetened with agave and Cointreau. Monica requested that Prin go easy on the agave, as she prefers her drinks to be less sweet. I also find that many margaritas in Malaysia are overly sweet, so I often have to ask the bar staff to remake them politely. Fortunately, the Amazonas KL Margarita was perfectly balanced, with an extra zing from the house-made citrus salt on the rim of the glass. Incidentally, you should check out Amazonas KL’s Happy Hour between 3-6 pm when a range of their most popular drinks are available at a reduced cost; for instance, the Amazonas Margarita is only RM 35 during these hours. 

Amazonas Margarita Latin American Restaurant TRX
Amazonas Margarita

Next, the Conquistador  (RM 48) was served in an unusual bathtub-shaped glass, which usually conjures up associations with “Bathtub Gin”. However, this drink was a pleasing blend of citrusy brightness and smooth complexity, made with a tequila base. The combination of lemon and lime juice created a refreshing tartness, while the orange bitters added a subtle aromatic depth. The egg white foam lent a silky texture and a touch of richness, while the dark rum and tequila provided a well-balanced foundation of warmth and spice.

Conquistador  Latin American Restaurant TRX

Our last cocktail was the El Burro (RM 50), a tropical mix that combined the sweetness of mango with the tang of lime and the warmth of ginger. The orgeat added a nutty almond flavour and a creamy texture, while the dark rum provided a smooth and complex base. Despite its name, meaning “donkey” in Spanish, this cocktail was in a whimsical fish-shaped glass. This one would suit people with a sweeter tooth. 

El Burro Latin American Restaurant & Cocktail Bar TRX
El Burro

Amazonas KL Food Menu & Prices

Guacamole Altar 

An entertaining feature of dining at Amazonas is that when you order guacamole, it is prepared at your table on a little side table, or ‘altar’ as they call it. We opted for the Amazonas Guacamole (RM 36), fearing that if we attempted the “Raise the Dead “Guacamole (described as “for the adventurous”), our taste buds might not have been in a reasonable state to sample the rest of the menu! Our super fresh guacamole contained mashed avocados, fennel, orange, guajillo chillis and citrus salt. This vibrant guacamole was accompanied by delightful patacones—twice-fried green plantains—and crisp plantain chips, perfect for scooping up the flavourful dip. Notably, this dish caters to both gluten-intolerant and vegan diners.

Amazonas Guacamole 
 Latin American Restaurant & Cocktail Bar TRX
Amazonas Guacamole 

Raw Bar 

From the raw bar, we selected the Scallop Crudo (RM 88). The scallops were served in a beautiful little earthenware bowl with an alluring indigo glaze interior. The dish featured delicate slices of fresh scallops complemented by an irresistible combination of egg, tiger’s milk, watermelon radish, avocado, parsley, and jalapeño oil. It was a feast for the eyes and whetted our appetites for what was to follow. 

Scallop Crudo South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Scallop Crudo


It was a delightful surprise to experience the chef’s transformation of humble grains of corn, a staple food of South America, into a delectable dish at Amazonas. As the name implies, the Trio de Maiz (RM 36) combines three distinct corn varieties: sugarcane, white, and striking purple. These corns are enveloped in a sweet and warm sauce called chancaca, commonly used in Bolivian, Chilean, and Peruvian cuisine. Made from unrefined sugarcane sugar and seasoned with lime, chilli, and pimenton (paprika), this sauce elevates the corn’s flavour to tantalise the taste buds. It was served with a basket of corn tortillas from a trusted local supplier. 

Trio de Maiz Salad South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Trio de Maiz 

Small Plates 

For those seeking a lighter meal, combining several plates from the “small plates” menu is a great way to sample a variety of dishes. One standout choice is the Mexican Prawn Esquites (RM 42). The term “esquites” originates from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word “ízquitl,” meaning “toasted corn.” This dish is a warm corn salad commonly enjoyed as street food in Mexico. It is served with crispy fried tortilla chips and featured plump, juicy prawns, a grilled lime wedge, and shaved Manchego cheese. This colourful dish offers a delightful blend of flavours and textures.

Mexican Prawn Esquites - Amazonas KL, TRX
Mexican Prawn Esquites – Amazonas KL, TRX

There are three rice dishes on the menu, and all are of a size suitable for sharing.  We plumped for the Arroz Nikkei (RM 108), featuring soy-glazed Chilean cod, wet rice infused with a deeply flavourful smoked fish bone stock, and a zesty Huancaína sauce. Texture-wise, this dish sits somewhere between a porridge and a risotto, but the rice grains retain a firmness rather than being mushy. The Huancaína sauce, a traditional Peruvian cheese sauce made with aji peppers, queso fresco, and onions, adds a creamy and subtly spicy element that complements the tender cod. Pickled shallots provide a bright burst of acidity. At the same time, the generous portion of miso-glazed cod lifts the dish to a new level of satisfaction. Jun, our videographer, commented that the dish had a real kick, a surprise coming from the Huancaina sauce. The pickled shallots give a nice burst of acidity, and the generous portion of miso-glazed cod sealed its place as one of my favourite dishes. 

Arroz Nikkei South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Arroz Nikkei

Large Plates

The Patagonian Lamb Ribs (RM 180) are a generously portioned, crowd-pleasing dish perfect for sharing. These succulent ribs boast a pleasing blend of flavours, with tender, juicy meat and a perfectly rendered fat layer. A Patagonian chilli rub infused the ribs with a savoury warmth, while a honey glaze added a sweetness that balances the spice. Though some, like Monica, might find the glaze a little sweet, the dish’s popularity speaks for itself, one for those seeking bold and satisfying flavours.

Patagonian Lamb Ribs on Wooden Board South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Patagonian Lamb Ribs

Charcoal-fired Steaks

The grilled steaks are rightly the menu highlight in any South American restaurant worth its salt. The steaks at Amazonas KL are cooked over charcoal on a custom-made parilla grill, which gives them a unique smoky flavour. The enticing aroma of these steaks had been luring me into the restaurant for weeks like a siren call, so I was glad to finally sample them. Several cuts are available, depending on your group size and appetite. Some larger cuts, such as the ‘Flaming Wagu Tomahawk’, are best for sharing and require a pre-order.

We opted for a more modest Dry-Aged Galician Entrecôte. (RM 300 +/- 350g). This steak was finished off at the table with charcoal and pine needle branches in a mini barbecue, adding a delicate smoky aroma. The steak was juicy and tender, and it had a wonderful char on the outside, enhanced by the porcini mushroom rub and basted in beef fat.  It was served with a selection of five sauces or salsas, including gooseberry and cherry tomato salsa, pineapple habanero salsa, salsa llajua (a Bolivian chilli sauce prepared from peppers and tomatoes) chimichurri rojo, and guasacaca, Venezuela’s unique version of guacamole. A little heads up: Faud informed us that their customers often rave about the pineapple and habanero salsa. It is significantly spicier than the others, which caught me off guard even though I enjoy spicy food. Initially, it brought tears to my eyes. However, I couldn’t resist returning for more after adjusting to the heat. It is easy to see why it is such a hit with customers.

Dry-Aged Galician Entrecôte South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Dry-Aged Galician Entrecôte
Dry-Aged Galician Entrecôte South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Dry-Aged Galician Entrecôte

Amazonas KL Desserts Menu & Prices

To conclude our meal, we indulged in Churros De Amazonas (RM 35), fried choux pastry sticks reminiscent of unfurled doughnuts. They were dusted with cinnamon sugar and accompanied by a moat of rich, glossy 71% dark chocolate sauce for dipping. While I found the cinnamon to be slightly overpowering, the dark chocolate sauce was exquisite, imparting notes of bitter, rich chocolate.

Churros De Amazonas 
 South American Food Kuala Lumpur
Churros De Amazonas 

Amazonas KL Review

Amazonas KL at The Exchange TRX offers a vibrant and immersive South American dining experience. Inspired by the rainforest, the restaurant’s ambience features warm wooden accents, sculptures, and paintings that transport diners to Latin America. The menu offers diverse dishes, from raw bar delicacies to charcoal-grilled steaks, focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients. The bar boasts an extensive collection of exotic spirits and signature cocktails, adding to the vibrant atmosphere, especially during weekend evenings when there is a live DJ, making Amazonas KL a worthy addition to Kuala Lumpur’s dining scene.

Reasons to visit Amazonas KL: Delicious, well-crafted South American-inspired cocktails. Catch happy hour with a few small plates of food. I loved the Mexican Prawn Esquites, but if you’re in the mood for a steak, Chef Shaun, working that wonderful Parilla grill, is turning out some of the best in the city right now. 

Amazonas KL – South American Restuarant & Bar
The Exchange TRX, PL09 & L04.03, Park Level
55188 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+6017 930 4880
[email protected]
Link to Amazonas KL on Google Maps
* Same level as Aurum Theatre
** If driving, park at Tower A and take the lift to level 3
***If taking a Grab, use the TRX MRT Station entrance, walk all the way in past Jo Malone and take the escalators to level 3
**** Vegetarian options

Amazonas KL, TRX, Opening Hours
Daily: 11 am – 10:30 pm

Amazonas KL TRX Menu & Prices
Amazonas KL TRX Menu & Prices
Amazonas KL TRX Menu & Prices
Amazonas KL TRX Menu & Prices
Amazonas KL TRX Menu & Prices
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Happy Hours Menu & Prices TRX
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